Pakamas Saengrak (chef) and Clara Roca (director) show the Thai Select Premium | Signature certificate issued by the Embassy of Thailand.

It is the highest degree of culinary excellence and is dictated by the Thai government itself - check out its gastronomic authenticity for yourself!

No need to wander around the city looking for a restaurant where the food is authentically Thai; you'll find it at Thai Barcelona Royal Cuisine!
Located at Carrer Diputació, 273, between Passeig de Gràcia and Pau Claris, this restaurant has been taking Barcelonians on a journey for more than twenty years with its unique quality gastronomy. Although you will find other restaurants that bear the Thai Select seal, you will not find any other that has the Thai Select Premium, a level of gastronomic quality that is supervised by the Thai government itself. The essence is guaranteed!
Read on and find out more about this Barcelona restaurant that will bring you closer to Southeast Asia with its recipes.


If the Thai Select seal indicates a 3 to 4-star level of excellence and a unique gastronomic experience, the Thai Select Premium seal means 5-star excellence or more, with authentic Thai cuisine, of the highest quality and well rooted in the country's tradition. Thai Barcelona Royal Cuisine, the only restaurant in Spain with this seal of approval, is the only restaurant in Spain with this seal of approval.



As the name suggests, Thai Barcelona Royal Cuisine serves the cuisine of Thai royalty. It is a type of cuisine that requires great attention to detail and the selection of the best products.
At the restaurant you will find a menu that includes traditional delicacies such as Kaeng Kio Wan Kai, a filleted chicken breast in green curry (pictured).


Kio Wan Kai : Green Curry Chicken with Vegetables


Restaurants with the Thai Select or Thai Select Premium seal not only stand out for their gastronomy, but also for their hospitality and atmosphere. Take a good look at every detail of the place because you will find many of them. Its Thai-style décor will take you to the other side of the world, while you relax in the atmosphere that is created. It is an ideal place if you are looking for peace and quiet!


Detail of the entrance of Thai Barcelona | Royal Cuisine


Although Thai cuisine is commonly associated with spices and chilli, one of the outstanding characteristics of this cuisine is precisely its balance of flavours between sweetness and spiciness. The variety of sensations it brings to the palate is so wide that it is one of the cuisines with the widest range of flavours. In addition, the raw materials used to prepare its recipes already possess a universe of qualities, aromas and tastes that make Thai cuisine so distinctive. Taste, for example, a Pad Thai (pictured), rice noodles sautéed with bean sprouts, egg and peanuts with tamarind sauce.


Pat Thai : One of the most famous dishes of Thai gastronomy.


You will also find gluten-free and vegetarian options to eat there, as well as delivery and take away. Don't miss the Som Tam (pictured), a green papaya and vegetable salad with peanuts and lime juice, delicious!


Monday to Sunday: From 13:00 to 16:00.
Monday to Thursday and Sunday: From 20:00 to 22:30.
Friday and Saturday: From 20:00 to 23:00.
(+34) 93 487 98 98
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