The covid-19 has brought the whole world to a standstill. Governments of all countries asked their citizens to help fight the virus. How? In a way that was both easy and difficult: everyone at home. Confinement has made us stop the frenetic pace we were going through as a society. Unfortunately, some people have suffered greatly and some businesses will not be able to lift their shutters again. To all of them we send a very strong and heartfelt hug from Thai Restaurant Barcelona | Royal Cuisine.
We are happy to report that all the staff at Thai Restaurant Barcelona | Royal Cuisine are in good health. However, we are known for having workers from all four corners of the world; some of them have been caught up in the epidemic while on holiday and have found that their holidays have turned into days of closure with no return ticket in sight. Now that we are beginning to taste freedom again with the de-escalation, we are counting the days until we see our dear comrades again.
In the meantime, being in Barcelona and with no possibility of opening, we have made a decision: we are going to come out of confinement looking better than ever. The Restaurant Thai Barcelona | Royal Cuisine is big and has been around for years, but what few people know is that it is a family business run by a family from Barcelona. The family, then, have got down to work and we have learned to do a thousand jobs. We have not been able to light the cookers, but we have turned on the polishers. We can't cut vegetables with the art of carving, but we have learned to varnish stone. We won't stir the curry sauce, but we will change all the tables with fabrics from Thailand. We are very excited to be able to share this renovation with our customers.
All this work has taken longer than expected. Barcelona is now out of phase 3, but we are still we continue to renovate the restaurant. The planned date for the new opening is 15 July. We will be excited to meet you all again. And to celebrate, we would like to invite a glass of cava and offer a Thai orchid to all the guests who come during the summer and prove that their birthday was during the confinement. Don't let the coronavirus stop you from blowing out candles!

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About the author

Paula Muay

Born in Barcelona in 1988 and familiar with the restaurant since childhoodPaula offers us curiosities and shares with us her experiences at Thailand showing this country through the eyes of those who are discovering it for the first time.

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