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Vegan Menu

Designed for vegan people who wish to get started in Thai flavors, vegan menu proposes a meticulous selection of five starters and five main courses from Thai Barcelona’s Chef, served with the traditional jasmine rice.

38,90 €

10% VAT included. The menu is served for a minimum of two persons.
Avaliable all week, lunchtime and evenings


Tofu Satee – เต้าหู้สะเต๊ะ

Fried fresh tofu brochettes with peanut sauce and coconut milk

Kanom Gib Jei – ขนมจีบเจ

Crispy basket filled with steamed tofu, taro root and vegetables

Poh Pia – ปอเปี๊ยะทอด

Thai Barcelona style vegetable spring rolls

Yam Won Sen – กะเพราหมูสับ

Capellini soya salad prepared with vegetables, lime juice, celery and coriander

Tood Mun Taro – ทอดมันเผือก

Taro root croquettes with potatoes, green curry and corn

Pansib – ปั้นสิบ

Small pasties filled with tofu, vegetables, curry and turmeric


Priow Wan Tofu – เปรีย้ วหวานเต้าหู้

Smoked tofu and vegetables sautéed with sweet and sour sauce

Kaeng Daeng Pakruam – แกงแดงผักรวม

Variety of al dente season vegetables in a red curry and coconut milk

Pat Thai – ผัดไทย

Sautéed rice noodles with vegetables, soya and peanuts in tamarind sauce

Pad King Hed Ruam – ผัดขิงเห็ดรวม

Mushroom selection sautéed with ginger and soy sauce

Khao Phod Kari – ข้าวโพดกะหรี่

Selection of quinoa, corn, curry and thai spices steamed in banana leaf

Thai Hom Mali – ข้าวหอมมะลิ

Thai jasmine rice served with all courses


Thai traditional sweet

38,90 €

Price per person. 10% VAT included.
Avaliable all week, lunchtime and evenings
Minimum 2 persons.