¿What's in the Udon Thani Menú this week?


Yam Makuapao – ยำ มะเขือเผา

Eggplant salad with grilled vegetables and special sauce

Kanom Gib – ขนมจีบ

Steamed pork meat dumplings

Pla Sen Tood – หมูทอด

Breaded fish fillets with sesame served with sweet and sour sauce

Poh Pia – ปอเปี๊ยะทอด

Spring rolls, our special recipe

Yam Woon Sen – ยำวุ้นเส้น

Clear noodles salad with chicken, vegetables, lime and celery

Khung Satee ( + 3.00 € ) – กุ้งสะเต๊ะ

Skewers of marinated prawns with coconut milk and peanut sauce


Kai Pad Pak Ruam – ไก่ผัดผักรวม

Sautéed chicken with vegetables, egg, Italian pepper and soy sauce

Kaeng Ka Tii – แกงเขียวหวานหรือแกงแดงผัก

Vegetables in green or red curry with jasmine rice

Mee Ka Tii – หมี่กะทิ

Steamed rice noodles with minced chicken curry and fresh bean sprouts

Hoy Shell Yang (+ 6.00 € ) – หอยเชลล์ย่าง

Scallops sauteed with vegetables and fish sauce


Ice cream, seasonal fruits or dessert of the week


Glass of wine or mineral water

15,80 €

Price per person. 10% vat included.
Lunchtime from Monday to Friday, except public holidays.